Salem Aleykum Dear Community,

The Association informs you that the future Muslim Cultural center and worship of the trolls was overflew by a drone on Sunday during El Isha's prayer, it was found inside the centre at the level of the parking lot 6 meters from the building. See the video of the related facts.

This follows the thwarted project of ultra-right bombing in June 2017 piloted by a member of the Secret Army organization "OAS" Logan AlexandrE Nisin, a 21-year-old young man living in the old village, see the Press article. This leads us to raised the alert level and to think that it is a malicious act see terrorist (because it is can be explosive carrier), the investigation is underway...

This is a first for us to use social networks to denounce an act of Islamophobia. So far, the Association has systematically followed the procedure of calling the police and writing to the prefect of Bouches du Rhône. Regarding the threats of the OAS, we have expressed to the prefect our discontent and regret that we have not been informed of the risks of the faithful who regularly attend the Muslim Centre, particularly during the Friday prayers. After an appointment with the Commissioner of the Trolles, we obtained "scoops", a few rounds of police car at the time of the prayers. I let you imagine the device that would have been put in place if these threats would have affected the Jewish community.... we are fully in the 2 weight 2 measures...

Imagine if this drone would have been carrying explosive charges.... what do the public authorities expect, that there are dead??

Therefore, the Office of the Association decided to contact the media because we take very seriously what happened Sunday evening. The use of drones presents a real national security problem and the legislation must be absolutely strengthened to control the use of these devices whose function can be diverted and transformed into a real weapon of war.
Thank you to all of you for spreading this message widely because our aim is to raise public awareness by denouncing the Islamophobia threats to the Muslim community and more globally towards French citizens.
This should not happen again, you are all concerned and actors!

By the will of Allah Almighty and then thanks to the mobilization of the donors, the project has become a reality!

Let Allah reward anyone who has participated in the construction of the Muslim Centre of trolls.

Continue to support the project!

The model

The reality

The work of the second work is advancing in great steps!

We aim to deliver the worship centre (the mosque) by the end of 2018, we need your donations more than ever.
A date, 300 000 euros are needed to achieve the goal.

Mobilize and commit yourselves so that we can finally pray in a place worthy of the name.

Don't forget to contact around you please.

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    Global View Outside
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    Parking view
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    Cultural Center
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Salam Aleykum,

The prayer of El Aîd El Adha will take place Insha'Allah this Friday, September 01, 2017 (the 10th of the month of Dhul Hijja 1438) at 8:00. Consider carrying your prayer mat and possibly plastic bags for your shoes.

Be sure to strictly adhere to the stationing instructions of our security guards and avoid annoying parking.
Go to the mosque on a path and go back and take another one and turn off your cell phones before entering the mosque.

The glorification of Allaah is highly recommended before the Eid prayer. It consists in repeating an invocation (there are several different) and this until the entrance of the Imam:
Allâhu Abkar, Allâhu Akbar, Allâhu Akbar, Ilâha illâ-Llâhu. Allâhu Abkar, Allâhu Akbar, Allâhu Akbar WA li-Llâhi-L-hamd.

After the prayer, we must sit and move as little as possible, because it is the moment of the Khutbah (sermon). Unfortunately, too many people hasten to leave once the prayer is complete, while the khutbah is a very important moment and is an integral part of this Eid ceremony.

After the Imam's sermon, the Muslims greet each other warmly and invoke the following prayer for each person they embrace:
Taqaba-Llâh Minna wa Minkum, let Allah accept our works as well as yours.
Ghafara-Llâh Lana wa Lakum, let Allah forgive us as well as yourselves.

Eid Mubarak (happy feast of Eid).

It is with awe and dismay that the AFCCCMV has read about the attacks that have taken place this evening in Barcelona.

The Association of the future cultural Centre and Muslim worship of the trolls condemns with the utmost firmness the terrorist barbarity that has struck again. New ones are fanatical, inhuman and unrelated acts of Islam.

The Islamic religion rejects and condemns all these acts of barbarism, it distances itself from terrorism as it distances the east from the west.

All our thoughts and condolences to the victims, their families and more globally to the Spanish people.

President Habib Malagouan.

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