Operation thousand euros

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As you can see on the construction site and on the website, the project of the future cultural Centre and worship Muslim of the trolles has advanced well thanks to the help of Allah and then to the mobilization of the donors (May Allah reward them).

Today, the amount of the Treasury does not allow us unfortunately to finalise this beautiful project, it is for this reason that we call on your generosity to make this project of 2 million euros become a reality.

To date, the amount remaining to be financed amounts to 1 450 000. The Board of directors met to find a solution to achieve the goal of building this project by proposing that each family (out of 1500) make a donation of 1000 euros.

You have the possibility to pay your donation in several times by sending or submitting the duly completed newsletter with your donation to the association's headquarters (every Friday from 12:30 to 1.30 pm) or to the association's address: AFCCCMV – BP 48, 13742 Trolles. Tel:

You can also continue to make a donation of an amount that you want to Using PayPal or CB functionality from the website.

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